Areas of activity

Installation of buildings

Subsidiary Maru THM OÜ is maintaining field installation of buildings.

Maru THM OÜ is an Estonian-based business entity ( 10377059) that was established in 1998, and mainly active in the area of assembling construction components.

Since 2006, the company has been a subsidiary of Maru Ehitus AS.

Its team consists of thoroughly trained professionals with vast working experience.

Our main fields include:

  • Installation of mountable steel components and frameworks for industrial facilities, office buildings and warehouses.
  • Installation of mountable reinforced concrete components.
  • Installation of profiled sheet metal.
  • Installation of mountable sandwich-type light panels.
  • Installation of sheet metal finishing fillets.

Work is carried out by Maru THM OÜ


Järvevana tee 5,
10132 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 650 8840
Fax: +372 650 8849