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How DigiMist can serve you?

DigiMist is based on predefined formats which makes it easy and quick for the first responder who meets the trauma patient to mark the data about patient status and injuries. The marked data will be sent from tablet device to hospital in seconds. DigiMist uses MIST format that has been originally used on paper. The new format of MIST is now in digital format and uses modern technological advantages. As many other beneficial solutions, DigiMist is initiated by military sector and is now available also to the civil sector.

For military use

DigiMist can serve military forces and be a valuable tool in real combat situations with a large number of casualties. DigiMist function of triage ensures priorities are set.

For civil use

DigiMist can contribute to the paramedics work efficiency helping to communicate with the hospital and forward them valuable information about patients they will receive.
DigiMist saves time in saving lives.


  1. iPad comforts in marking the data
    Having iPad for marking the information is very comfortable, no papers and pens! The information can be sent via network in seconds!
  2. Predefined formats
    The DigiMist user will be guided to the relevant next step and as he chooses the injuries and fills in the form. The predefined formats are created in co-operation with doctors and paramedics.
  3. Simple user interface
    DigiMist is designed to be easy to use, no redundant information, just the fields that need your attention!
  4. Triage
    DigiMist helps to determine the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. In case of big casualties receiving the information and categorizing priorities is vital.
  5. MIST – Mechanism, Injury, Stability, Treatment – format is tested in real combat situations
    DigiMist is based on proven and tested solution.

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